About Drive for Life

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Drive for Life provides access to driver training support for:

»»Youth – primarily aged 16-25

»» Those who are disadvantaged by:

  • Limited or no access to a vehicle or licenced driver
  • Literacy constraints
  • Long term unemployment
  • Cultural barriers
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues


To change a generation one person at a time.

Australia’s Youth are in Crisis.

»» Over 50,000 youth under the age of 16 are in foster-care services

»» 44,000 homeless every night in Australia

»»Youth unemployment rates are at 12.2% double the national population average

This can often mean that young people end up in:

»» Juvenile Justice / Prison System

»» Gangs – criminal activity

»» Homeless – on the streets

»» Long-term unemployed

Having your driver’s licence opens up doors to many opportunities that might not otherwise be there; it's an asset that gives you greater choice and control.

Drive for Life helps young people develop life skills and safe driving practices, all while working towards getting their drivers licence in a supportive environment. 

Drive for Life not only has an effect on the young person but on the community as a whole, evidence has shown that having a drivers licence opens pathways to education, increases job prospects and improves overall well-being.

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