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Becoming a Learner Driver

Interested in learning to drive?

A young drivers journey towards a licence

Drive for Life is resourced by a Program Coordinator that facilitates professional driving lessons through Driving Instructors and a group of Volunteers who assist with completing log book hours. The program provides vehicles for the Coordinator and Volunteers to conduct the driving sessions. 

Stage 1: Pre-Learners/Initial Assessment

You will be provided with the necessary resources to prepare for the Learner's test in a comfortable and safe environment. You will be able to practice the online Learners' tests questions at your own pace with support from the local Coordinator where necessary. We will also support you to obtain relevant ID to apply for your licence.

Stage 2: Professional Driving Lessons

Lessons focus on ensuring that you feel comfortable within the vehicle, understand basic vehicle operations and manoeuvres, and become familiar with local routes that will be taken. The total number of lessons required is dependent on your  individual learning needs (approximately 10 lessons). More will be provided to you if necessary.

Stage 3: Supervised Driving with Volunteer Mentor

The Coordinator will introduce you to a suitable mentor to learn safe driving practices and achieve the total number of supervised driving hours required as prescribed by the local transport authority. The matching process will consider your cultural background, gender identity and interests. Moreover, the Coordinator will continue to monitor this relationship to ensure ongoing suitability.

Stage 4: Driving Test/s

On the day of the test, the Coordinator will accompany you to a nominated service centre with a completed licence application form, proof of identity, and a completed paper logbook. You will have the option to undertake the test/s in the vehicle supplied by The Salvation Army’s Driver Training program.

Stage 5: Achieve your P's!

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