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What is Drive for Life?

The Drive for Life program primarily supports young people aged between 16-25 and is designed to meet the needs of young people who may find it difficult to achieve their drivers licence.

Drive for Life believes all young people should have the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Having a driver’s licence is a key milestone in a young person’s life and helps them move towards independence. Being able to drive gives young people the choice and control necessary to realise their education, employment, and housing goals.

The Salvation Army’s Drive for Life programs provide a welcoming and accessible environment which is safe and supportive. We are sensitive to the needs of communities who have difficulty meeting the licencing requirements.   

The Salvation Army’s Drive for Life programs exist to: 

  1. Provide equity in access to driving lessons and supervision; 
  2. Improve employment and education opportunities for young people; and  
  3. Help young people become experienced, safe and confident drivers. 

This program has supported many young people to achieve their Learner and Provisional licence, establish positive relationships, broaden employment pathways and develop future goals and aspirations. Since 2008, our Driver Training programs have expanded from a single location to 14 programs and a team over 100 staff and volunteers across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

We estimate over 10,000 young people have passed through our program and moved into further education or employment. Approximately 75% of young people enrolled in our program achieve their learner licence and 68% will go on to achieve their full drivers licence. Participants in our program receive road safety education and go on to become safe and responsible road users.

Finally, our mentoring program has connected countless young people with their community, established positive relationships, and helped create goals and aspiration for the future.