Emergency Relief

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Help is closer than you think

If you're facing a crisis, we're here to help meet the immediate needs of you and your family.

Without a safe place to stay, enough food for your family, or even necessities such as clothing for the kids, tomorrow can feel like a long way off.

Our emergency relief services help relieve the stresses you're facing today. If you find yourself in a tough spot, reach out and let us help
Building towards tomorrow
Once your immediate needs have been met, we can also help with your next steps. We can talk to your utility providers about that outstanding bill, help you connect with Centrelink about getting a job, talk to police, or recommend other support services.

Once you're in a safe and stable environment we can help you plan for the future.

SalvoCare provides:

Emergency Relief - Assess clients needs and provide food, material aid information and referrals as required.
Case Management - Referrals from emergency relief for further assistance for short term and long term issues.
Financial Counselling - Assists clients to develop budgeting strategies to ultimately build financial capability and resilience.

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Emergency Relief phone 03 5820 8000