Emergency Support

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People experiencing financial crisis are able to access the following supports:

  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Secondhand Clothing Assistance
  • Secondhand Furniture and Clothing Assistance
  • Emergency Travel
  • Budget Counselling
  • Financial Counselling

All assistance is subject to an assessment of eligibility.

Assistance can be sought by telephoning our office or attending in person during our office hours. We aim to assist people on the day they present for services other than Budget and Financial Counselling. These services require an appointment that is usually within 5 working days.

Emergency Financial Assistance is rarely offered as cash... specified groceries gift cards or purchase orders are usually provided.

EMERGENCY is defined as:
"An event or situation that is beyond the control of the individual or family to anticipate or prepare for"

Where a person presents for financial assistance and is not eligible, we provide information on other options as well as advocacy and referral support.

Budget counselling support will be required before financial assistance is offered if the request is not related to an identified emergency.

Office Hours 

Monday, Tuesday 9am-4pm
Thursday, Friday 9am-4pm
Wednesday 11am-4pm

Closed 12pm-1pm each day for lunch

Phone: Freecall 1800 033 910