Generic Homelessness Service

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The Salvation Army has been providing homelessness support to the Port Augusta Community for over 30 years.

The Generic Homelessness Service exists to provide a specialist service response and/or intervention to individuals and families that will prevent homelessness or minimize the length of time people spend in homelessness through a Supportive Accommodation model.

All services and supports will aim to assist people to achieve the maximum degree of self-reliance and independence through resolving crisis, re-stablishing family links and to re-establish a capacity to live independently of Specialist Homelessness Services.

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Crisis Intervention and Outreach

Support is available to individuals and families who find themselves at risk of becoming homeless or currently in homelessness. After making contact with the Generic Homelessness Service you will be provided with an opportunity to share your story in an initial intake appointment. Consideration will given to your current circumstances and needs with adice and information provided detailing current support available. This support may include:

  • Advice, information and advocacy
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Support to apply for Public, Private or Community Housing
  • Support to establish a pathway into housing (Case Planning)
  • Support to address barriers to your entry into housing 

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Intensive Tenancy Support (ITS)

Maintaining a tenancy can be difficult and it often doesnt take much to tip it toward becoming at risk of failure. Change in financial position, arrears with rent or water or not having access to equipment to maintain the property can influence the decision of a landlord to conclude the tenancy.

Support is offered to individuals or families who are reffered to the Generic Homelessness Service to work with people already in a tenancy where it has been identified as at risk. A Case Manager works with clients to identify the risks, discuss current and ongoing needs and formulate a plan for action (Case Plan) to be implimented to stabilise and secure the tenancy.

Intensive Tenancy Support (ITS) is a 'hands on' and practical approach to helping people connect with information, support and resources that will enable them to independantly sustain their tenancy. 

Transitional Housing Program

Finding a place to live can be a significant challenge, particularly for people who have never had a tenancy of ther own or have recent or past tenancy's that have ended negatively.

The Generic Homelessness Service through its transitional housing program is able to support people to enter or return to housing through a short to medium term lease in one of 13 available properties upported by a case manager.

Following a nomination and allocation in to an available property, the tenant will be supported through an assessment and case management process to identify previous or current barriers to accessing other housing options and use the time in transitional housing to address these. The tenant will be required to continue exploring other housing options including private, public and community housing and where appropriate consideration may be given to home ownership.

Supportive Housing Program (SHP)

In some circumstances the barriers faced by people looking to enter or re-enter housing can be significant and overwhelming. Making advancements within a short term lease is less realistic and the requirement for a longer term platform to enable a tenant to progress is needed. The Generic Homelessness Service is preferred support provider to 5 properties within Port Augusta that commence with a 12 month lease, combined with case management and support to assist tenants with addressing more complex barriers to their homelessness.

Vacancies are advertised within the sector and applications can be completed on behalf of the proposed tenant by any agency/organisation. The completed application is then considered by a panel with an outcome communicated promptly to the applicant. The Generic Homelessness Service will then assist the tenant to prepare for allocation into the property.