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一名年老的中国男子在珀斯非法居留了13年最后遇上了经济困难,最后他以基督为他个人的救主, 手拿着一本圣经以及我们部队捐助的现金, 已于4月30日返回中国。我们为他安排了机票返回他的家乡中国南宁市。这个人在珀斯无家可归,他的中国雇主经常利用其非法居留的身份剥刎他。当我们第一次见到他,我们就把他从黑暗中带回光明,并引领他仰望基督。最后他脸上带着笑容离开了我们。 大约4个月前,一个一家四口来自中国的家庭,透过我们部队的帮助及两年的上诉, 最后获得了移民部长通过他们的难民身份。我们相信这个家庭是由上帝引导从墨尔本移居珀斯,亦是他们被揭发为非法居民的地方,他们来到救世军寻找帮助。两年来, 这个家庭一直都有出席我们部队在星期日的主日崇拜聚会,最后他们获得了居留签证后,返回墨尔本,现在愉快地加入了Richmond华人部队。 过去几年来,珀斯华人队成功地帮助了不少中国技术劳工和他们的家属透过MRT获得永久居民身份。因为我们的诚实, MRT往往都十分尊重和信赖救世军。我们的英语课程,已经无间段地开办了十年,并经常被政府承认为新移民基本英语水平的证明。赞美主!

An elderly Chinese man had illegally stayed in Perth for thirteen years and ended up in absolute financial hardship.  With the help of the church, he returned to China on 30th April, with Christ as his personal Saviour and with a Bible and cash in his hand given by church members. We organized an air ticket for him to return to Nanning city, where he originally came from. This man was homeless and had been shamefully exploited by his Chinese employers, who were taking advantage of his illegal status. When we first met him, we brought him out of his darkness, and led him to the light and hope of Christ. He left us today with a smile on his face. About four months ago, a family from China, consisting of husband and wife and two young children, finally got their refugee status through the Chinese Ministry after two years of appeal to the Immigration Minister. We believe that the family was led by God from Melbourne to Perth, where they were discovered as illegal residents, and then came to the Salvation Army for help. The family kept attending our worship meetings on Sundays for two years, and upon obtaining their resident visas, returned to Melbourne and is now happily attending Richmond Chinese Corps. Over the past few years, the Chinese Ministry was successful in helping quite a few Chinese skilled workers and their families to gain resident status through the Migration Review Tribunal. The tribunal members usually respected and trusted the Salvation Army because we were honest to them. Our English programme, which has been going on non-stop for more than ten years, was usually recognized by the government as a proof of basic English standard for immigration purposes.  Praise the Lord!