Aspire Dance

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Aspire Dance

Aspire Dance is a FREE social program offered to young people and seeks to support their holistic development through the power of dance!

The program is open to young people ages 12-25 years old. It includes spiritual, relational, mental and physical health. And these milestones are achieved by regular classes that include technical skill development using safe dance practices, relational and leadership development, and life skills.

Every MONDAY from 3.30pm to 5.00pm

Engaging Classes

We have a qualified Dance Teacher who provides engaging, exciting and skillful classes. She specialises in contemporary dance but also teaches a mixture of jazz, hip-hop and modern dance. By attending Aspire Dance young people can develop cooperative skills, learn social positive behaviour, gain a personal and creative outlet, and have the opportunity to make life-long friends.

Open to all

Our goal is to provide a safe space where young people can engage in creative elements of music, dance and mentoring.

Oasis has a talented Dance Teacher & team of Youth Workers to help run this dance based program. And we have a no bullying policy and reinforce a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Program Instructors


Dance Teacher


Senior Caseworker