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Learn to drive program with a difference

Drive for Life is a driving program that aims not only to support young people through the process to obtaining their driving licence but also provides them with the necessary skills they need to drive safely, responsibly and confidently for life.


Our program provides

Driving lessons with a
qualified instructor

Safe dual
control vehicle

Mentoring young people
to achieve their driving hours

Discounted lessons on
3, 5 and 10 pack deals

Driver education for all areas
of Central Coast

Driver education for all areas
of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie


Lesson Details

Lessons with our Professional Driving Instructor

Fees apply for Driving Lessons conducted by our Professional Driving Instructor. Refer to program fees below.

If you are registered with a job or other referring agency, we encourage you discuss payment for your driving lessons with them directly.

Driving Assistance with a Volunteer Mentor

Students who have had Lessons with Drive for Life and have reached a sufficient level of competency, may then apply for referral to one of our Volunteer Driving Mentors for Driving Assistance.

Our Driving Assistance which includes use of our vehicles is offered as a FREE service to assist students reach the 120 Hours of logged driving time required to be eligible for the Provisional Licence Test.

Eligibility criteria applies to this service. Refer to Entry Requirements below.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements to purchase lessons with our Professional Driving Instructor.

Students must have obtained their Learners Permit from the NSW Roads and Maritime Service prior to commencing lessons.

The Driving Assistance service is offered to young people who are disadvantaged and do not have the means to obtain their licence by themselves. Examples of this may be no access to a vehicle, no driving mentor available, disability or other circumstances that make it more difficult to obtain their Licence.

Applicants will be required to provide a ‘letter of support’ from a carer or support person which is to explain the applicant’s circumstances. Each application will be considered on merit.


Lessons with our instructors may start and finish at either of our:

Oasis - Central Coast
15-23 Hely Street WYONG NSW 2259

Oasis - Hunter
67 Cleary Street HAMILTON NSW 2303

Alternatively, we can collect and return students from a pre-arranged location.

The same arrangements apply to Driving Assistance sessions with one of our mentors.


Pre-Learner Assistance in obtaining Learners driving licence with practice of RTA online tests – 1 hour workshop $45
1 hour 1 hour one to one driving lesson $65
1.5 hours 1.5 hours one to one driving lesson $85
2 hours 2 hours one to one driving lesson $110
Lesson &
Test pack
1 hour lesson prior to test with use of our car for the driving test $135
Pack 3 3 x 1 hour driving lessons $180
Pack 5 5 x 1 hour driving lessons $300
Pack 10 10 x 1 hour driving lessons $550

Gift Certificates

All lessons above are available as gift certificates.


We are really passionate about helping the young people to get their drivers licence. And we provide a driving mentor program thanks to our volunteers who assist new drivers to obtain their 120 hours for their log books. 

If you are interested in connecting with this program please complete the assessement form below. 



Once you have completed the form, you can either email or bring in to us at:


Oasis - Central Coast
15-23 Hely Street WYONG NSW 2259
(02) 4353 9799

Oasis - Hunter
67 Cleary Street HAMILTON NSW 2303
(02) 4969 8066

"Sharing the love of Jesus by walking
with people for a stronger community"

Oasis - Central Coast
15-23 Hely Street WYONG NSW 2259
(02) 4353 9799

Oasis - Hunter
67 Cleary Street HAMILTON NSW 2303
(02) 4969 8066