Historical Background

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Prior to July 1979 The Salvation Army Ingle Farm was located in the inner city suburb of Nailsworth and known as the Prospect Corps.

The relocation to Ingle Farm brought a tremendous desire to expand and develop needs identified within the community.

Emergency Relief was commenced a Thrift Shop was opened to assist resourcing this work financially.

These services expanded to seek to address homeless families.

In May 1983 investigation began into homeless youth and in October 1983, “Wandendi” was opened as a shelter for 19-25 year olds.

A few months later in 1984 “Burlendi” Youth Shelter was opened for 16-18 year old youth. Youth and Family supported accommodation followed. We still operate what is known as The Inner North and Nort East Youth Homlessness Service.

Family Supported Accommodation continued until losing the contract in 2010.

A number of other initiatives funded by Government contracts have come and gone over the years.

“This Way Up” Furniture Company was a wonderful initiative that assisted unemployed young people to become job ready. 1995-1997.

  • JPET youth program was another small program that assisted hundreds of homeless and at risk young people 1997 – 2006.
  • Community Support Program assisted adult unemployed 1998 -2002.
  • As an extra initiative with our Family Supported Accommodation Program was the employing of a Child Case Worker 2001-2003.
  • We operated CHIPS Internet Café in the Salisbury CBD as a job training initiative 2001-2003.
  • We also operated a Sprint  Kart Program for disenfranchised young people 2003-2004
  • In 2001 we commenced a program we affectionately call SASSY (Substance Abuse Support Service for Youth). This program continued runnint until funding ended in July 2012.
  • In 2006 we began work with adolescent mums. This program ended in July 2012.
  • We also operated a Sprint Kart program for disenfranchised young people 2003-2004.

To accommodate these programs over the years in 1989 we acquired 17 Jennier Crescent, a house opposite the centre, then in 1998 we purchased 1 Maxwell Court. In 2009 we purchased the cul-de-sac in readiness for a building development.

Not all programs come and go.

In 2002 we commenced what has become a successful alternative care program for young people under the guardianship of the Minister. We call it “Muggy’s”. It is still an exciting and successful program that was duplicated in 2006 in the southern suburbs, “Muggy’s South”, currently based at Plympton.  Since the establishment of Muggy’s South, a third Muggy’s program based in Pt Pirie spaning across the Northern Country area including office sites in Pt Pirie, Whyalla and Pt Lincoln.

In 2005 we branched into an innovative Federal Government program known as Communities for Children. The first four years found this Facilitating Partner model being directed towards 0-5 year olds and their parents but the current contract has been expanded to cover 0-12 year olds and their parents.