Mainly Music

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Thursdays 10am
Ages: 0 -5 yrs
Venue: 167 Ann St
Cost: $5 for a family - Morning tea is included.

Every week day, little children wake up with one question on their lips, "Is it mainly moosik today, Mummy?" When the answer is, "Yes", they jump out of bed with excitement, energy and a smile on their face.

More than 16000 families in New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, United States, Canada and very soon, in Malaysia, representing 500 mainly music groups throughout the world, have a spring in their step when it is their mainly music day. The organization began as one group operating from one church in 1990.


Why has mainly music become so popular?

Little children love looking at puppets, ‘pretending' with a scarf in their hand, and keeping the beat with a shaker. Little do they know, they're developing skills. Then there's the morning tea time, when not only does each child have a snack, they also get to play with other young children.

The music time is also attractive for mums. It's a chance to spend one on one time with their non school aged child, dancing and singing. And for those mums with twins, mainly music offers an activity where they can participate without having to bring another adult [twins require two adults at swimming classes to attend]. mainly music offers mothers of a baby and a toddler a place to enjoy time all together.

What else does mainly music offer mums?...

A chance to meet with other mums, over a hot drink and something to eat.

It's a chance to get out of the house - finish a sentence - talk adult to adult! The children are safe and are amused by the toys.

They can connect with others and enjoy adult to adult chat! Many mums tell us, "mainly music is the highlight of my week."

What about dads, grandparents, and caregivers? They love to come too - for much the same reasons.

For more info contact the BCT Team or phone (07) 3221 3461