Brisbane City Temple Salvos

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Brisbane City Temple Salvos

Brisbane City Temple [BCT] is a Salvo church in the heart of the city of Brisbane.

As you would expect from the Salvos, we are regular people from all walks of life who have a real and relevant faith. Our Sunday worship is a celebration of God and an experience of His love for us. The teaching is Bible based and relevant to life today.

We offer a range of opportunities to help people connect with God and others and we invite you to join us any Sunday or during the week.

Red Shield Appeal

Australians have been through a testing time recently. Events of the past year have resulted in widespread unemployment and financial instability, and amplified existing social issues like never before. Countless Aussies – many for the first time – are reaching out to us for support.

We continue to provide services to individuals and families doing it tough, knowing that we are now needed more than ever.
To ensure that the harmful impacts of the past year’s events do not have a long-lasting effect on the most vulnerable in our communities, we need your help.

How Can You Help?

We have a number of ways that you can support the Red Shield Appeal this year:

  • You can become a digital door knocker by following this link and link your profile to the Brisbane City Salvos in Support Your Local Salvos
  • you can also sign up to help with the static collection in the city
  • Bunnings Newstead Static collection - Sign up! 



Sunday Messages

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the New Testament book of Galatians in a series called "Standing on Grace".

For many of us we see the 10 Commandments as a marker, or a line in the sand for right and wrong. "If I keep the 10 commandments, God will love me & allow me into heaven". But the Apostle Paul shows us that God's love and acceptance of us isn't dependant on anything that we do, but rather His grace alone. The Gospel shows us that through Jesus' death and resurrection, everyone can come to God through faith alone, regardless of our race, gender or social-standing.

You can view our weekly message here, or watch our Sunday service livestream through our YouTube channel. You can also catch up on previous messages from our Videos page.

Fresh Air

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English Conversation Classes

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Each Tuesday 10-11am

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