Communities of Hope

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A Community of Hope (COH) is a Faith Expression of corps life.

Organising principle: An identified ‘felt need‘.
Gathering size: Not of defining importance – from 4-200+.
Where COHs meet: Open to diverse settings.
Focused activity (the WHAT): Open to diversity. This is the activity that seeks to address the felt need. 



The opportunities for establishing Communities of Hope are as broad as your imagination. Illustrated below are a few ideas:

1. Felt need – Lonely and isolated people in local area

Focus activity (WHAT): Wednesday evening community meal.
Location (WHERE): Local community centre.
People group (WHO): Open.

2. Felt need – Lack of support networks for new parents

Focus activity (WHAT): Parents playgroup with focused attention on parenting skills.
Location (WHERE): Local park / TSA hall.
People group (WHO): Parents with toddlers.

3. Felt need – Lots of non-English speaking connections

Focus activity (WHAT): English Conversation Classes.
Location (WHERE): Local library.
People group (WHO): Those whose first language is not English.

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