Attending with Children

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Still Others is truly an event for all ages. The following arrangements have been made to help accommodate parents who are attending this event with children.

Please check back on this page as more arrangements.


Special Arrangements

For all main events, a room, equipped with screen and sound, will be provided for parents with toddlers.

During Commissioning and Sending Out, children's packs will be provided to keep the little ones entertained. 

Friday Mission Intentions Workshop Parents to provide care for their children
  TOGETHER: Celebrating as One All age event
Saturday Circus Family Fun Zone For parents and children (ages 0-12) to enjoy together
  Our Christmas Gift All age event
  Youth Block Party  
Sunday Commissioning and Ordination A children's program, Kids Church Pirate Adventure, is provided for children ages 5+. Children's packs provided for under 5's.
  Sending Out All age event. Children's packs provided.


Parents Rooms

The MCEC Parent Rooms offer a comfortable and private space for parents and children. Located in both the Convention and Exhibition Centres, these feature everything you need to change or feed in privacy and comfort.