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Overalls (just men)

Overalls (just men)

Overalls are quintessential bloke's attire for a myriad of tasks, so what better name for a gathering of men for some man stuff!

Overalls provides social activities for men through The Salvation Army, Stafford like pistol shooting, mini golf, State of Origin on a big screen and barbeques. We'll cook up an event for any interest, hobby or idea of our attendees! Activities are usually held monthly to provide "just men" a great opportunity to get together because we believe it's important, and fun. for men to connect with each other in community. Overalls is also a great way to explore living out our faith in ways that make a real difference to our familes, jobs and communities.

You're welcome

Overalls is an all-inclusive group - family, mates, church blokes, workmates, colleagues; all are welcome. 


For information on the next Overalls event, check the Events page on the website, contact Men's Ministries co-ordinator Darryl Whitecross or telephone the church office on 3352 6577.