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The Salvation Army Moree is a place for people to gather and grow, to feast and have fun, and to experience authentic community, relationship, peace, healing, restoration and unconditional welcome! No matter who you are, where you have been or what your life journey has entailed ... you are accepted and loved!

We express this through a whole host of activities, groups, gatherings, programs and relatioships. To find out more about all of these please follow any of the links below.

To get in touch you can call ... on .... You can also drop in and say hi at The Salvation Army's .

We look forward to hearing from you!


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8 January 2015

Our faith convinces us that hope, purpose and fulfilment can be everyone’s story. Your Local Salvo Church - The Salvation Army Moree believes faith in Jesus brings freedom. We are committed to living lives of freedom and believe that it's better to do life together! We offer a place of community, encouragement, healing and hope - everyone is welcome! At Ryde Salvation Army's sunday service...

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