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Making changes comes at a cost
Ive been interested to see the battle and distance people go for freedom.

We have over recent times seen the Tibetan people who feel oppressed and somewhat imprisoned from the chinese government rule of its country battle and fight to be self controlled we have seen the difficulties of eastern European countries go through similar battles and even the most known with the Jewish having a battle since time in memorial battle to exist in its own right and control its own affairs.

I shudder to think about how I would act if my country AAustralia hadto go through the battles we see.

The people of these countries have to go through to secure its freedom from “foreign” Rule. In fact in one way we do if we are an indigenous Australian.

One thing I admire about the people of these countries is the cost they have to go through to make change.

When  Jesus  talks about the cost in following, The people of these countries know fairly well the price that is needed to be paid for standing up against a strong opponent. It can cost them their lives.

I sometimes feel that I wish I could have a small taste of this oppression and struggle these people go through daily. Just So that I could understand what Jesus truly means  when he shares the perception of  the cost of being one of his disciples.

Having said that I also realise there are causes to fight for in our country such as homelessness, the poor, the disadvantaged. I guess we don't have to be put in these positions to be able to fight against these evils of society. I can fight for these causes anyway!

The thing is Jesus did the same he fought for me, he fought against my sin.

The least I can do is fight for other people and their battles in areas such as homelessness and being disadvantaged. The point is at what cost am I willing to take to fight for such causes? What cost are we all willing to do to make change, for the better.