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We hope that you find this a place of peace, joy, hope, welcome and belonging. Everything that we do is aimed at bringing Christ’s new life to people; socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

A Message of Love

I was putting my son to bed one night. He is so creative that he always finds a reason to come out. We tell him it must be super important to have to come out of his room. So this one night, after about an hour, he comes out and says ‘I have something very important to tell you…I love you soooo much!.. I just don’t think you can understand how much I love you!’

We believe we are sent with a message of love, a love that is greater than our understanding. We believe that love can be defined like this:

‘Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not rude, proud, or self-seeking. It does not keep a record of wrongs. Love trusts, love hopes, love always perseveres. Love never gives up!’

Our mission is to join God in bringing Jesus Christ’s’ new life to people. And our only weapon is active love. Will you consider joining us on this exciting journey?

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