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Hurstville Corps has been privileged to have had many faithful and hard working officers (ministers) stationed here over the years:

16.7.1899 Captain Alfred Hodges and Lieutenant Sam Mitchell
18.1.1900 Captain Edmond Lawrence and Cadet-Lieutenant William Gouge
2.8.1900 Captain William Nicholls and Lieutenant William E. Selwood
22.11.1900 Captain Annie Robertson and Lieutenant Edith Davis
15.3.1901 Ensign Mary Robertson (replaced Lieut. Davis)
5.4.1901 Lieutenant Emily Jenner to assist Captain and Ensign Robertson
18.7.1901 Lieutenant Bella Jaffray and Ensign Maggie Jaffray
16.1.1902 Captain Charles Mueller and Lieutenant James Salisbury
2.8.1902 Captain Florence Brien and Lieutenant Jemima Davies
17.11.1902 Adjutant William Farquharson
8.1.1903 Captain Arthur Antsice and Lieutenant Arthur Gridley
19.11.1903 Lieutenant Florence McGregor (Candy) and Captain Hanna E. Buff
30.3.1904 Captain Alf Herring
19.1.1905 Captain Robert Shipway and Lieutenant Lewis Rawlins
30.11.1905 Captain Minnie Curd
21.6.1906 Captain Albert Stoodley
20.12.1906 Officers withdrawn and worked from Rockdale Corps
8.1.1914 Hurstville Corps re-opened - Adjutant and Mrs Harry Sharp
8.2.1914 Adjutant and Mrs James Perrem
21.4.1915 Ensign Arthur Annetts
13.1.1916 Captain Ernest Petty
18.5.1916 Captain Zara Dare
 4.1.1917  Ensign Mrs. Inglis and Lieutenant Florence Trennewick (Trewenick?)
 25.4.1917  Ensign Thomas McConnell
 10.1.1918  Captain Fanny Forest and Lieutenant Jean McFarlane
 20.7.1918  Adjutant William Drury
 23.1.1919  Captain Florence Trewenick (?)
 8.1.1920  Captain Charles and Mrs Grace Terracini
 12.1.1922  Adjutant and Mrs C. Hayman
 11.1.1923  Commandant and Mrs J. Beavis
 14.1.1926  Commandant and Mrs Samuel Lewis
 12.1.1928  Field Major and Mrs William Butt
 9.1.1930  Ensign Ethel Maxwell and Captain Weston
 15.1.1931  Adjutant and Mrs John Runcorn
 14.1.1932  Commandant and Mrs Walter Ward
 11.1.1934  Major and Mrs Alfred Whitaker
 17.1.1935  Major and Mrs Stephen Howarth
 16.1.1936  Captain and Mrs Stanley Kingston
 14.1.1937  Major and Mrs Walter Le Page
 20.1.1938  Major and Mrs Martin Olsen
 25.5.1939  Major and Mrs Edward Baker
 16.1.1941  Adjutant Alfred and Mrs Olive Packer
 28.5.1942  Adjutant and Mrs James Kinder
 14.1.1943  Major Samuel and Mrs Catherine “Kitty” Smartt
 10.1.1946  Major George and Mrs Elsie Everitt
 19.1.1950  Major and Mrs John Nicholson
 14.1.1952  Senior Captain Francis and Mrs Muriel Jennings
 20.1.1955  Senior Captain Charles and Mrs Dora Cross
 9.1.1958  Senior Captain Ronald and Mrs Elsie McLachlan
 10.1.1963  Brigadier Ernest and Mrs Mary Allan
 14.1.1965  Major Thomas and Mrs Ann Evans
 12.1.1967  Major Arthur and Mrs Mary Walz
 15.1.1970  Brigadier John and Mrs Elsie McCabe
 14.1.1971  Brigadier Clifford and Mrs Joyce Moore
 18.1.1973  Brigadier Fred and Mrs Enid Reeves
 15.1.1976  Captain Keith and Mrs Joy Parkinson
 12.1.1978  Major Neville and Mrs Doreen Brooks
 15.1.1981  Major Donald and Mrs Bernice Woodland
 17.1.1985  Major Stanley and Mrs Olwyn Everitt
 16.1.1986  Majors Ray and Annette Wilson
 12.1.1989  Majors Ralph and Val Johnson
 16.1.1992  Majors Gordon and Ruth Cocking
 7.5.1996  Majors John and Narelle Rees
 13.1.2000  Majors Colin and Diane Maxwell
 10.1.2008  Majors Neil and Christine Dickson
 14.1.2010  Majors Trevor and Sherrie Nicol
 9.1.2014 Lieutenants Lydia Hong and Sean Li  (Associate Officers - Chinese Ministries)
 7.1.2016  Majors Peter and Gail White (installed 14.2.16)

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2 Timothy 3:16-17

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