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Welcome to City Youth Salvos

City Youth are a group of young Salvos who desire to impact the City of Hobart. We believe in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ and that he has set us free!

Our Mission is help young people find who they are in Jesus, and to build a place where all young people are welcomed and accepted.


City Youth provides a variety of activities and programs that cater for individuals High School aged—25.



City Youth meets every Friday night, usually @ the Hobart Salvos. Each Friday might look a bit different and runs between 7PM–9PM (times vary depending on the activity). A night usually costs $5, with the occasional $10 event for more expensive activities. Each night can involve a stack of activities, games, fun, food and more.


Coming NEW in 2019 are our TRIBE groups. These will be small groups run in conjunction with City Youth. Tribes are the opportunity to get to know others, learn more about who God is and how he can impact your life.

In the 18+ age bracket? Why not try TRIO CHURCH? This is a small group that consists of 3 people meeting regularly to chat about life and what it all means.

Contact Marj for more details.


Every Sunday morning at 10am is our church service for all ages. Come along for some worship, fellowship and a chance to learn more about who Jesus is.


On the 1st Sunday of every month is our Community Movie Night. Come along for a free movie! Like “The Salvation Army Hobart’ on Facebook to keep up to date with what movies will be showing. Movie nights normally start @ 6pm and include a $5 meal deal (main & dessert).


As we are members of the Salvation Army, there are often opportunities to be involved in serving in our church and in our surrounding community.


Can be found at the Hobart Salvos,
180 Elizabeth St Hobart
(try the glass door just around the bottom of the stairs)


Youth Team

Youth Pastor

Marj Rava
0419 250 781
(available on Tues-Fridays from 9am-4pm in the upstairs office)

Youth Leaders

Ash Cowell, Hayden Applebee,
Jess McCrossen, Jordan West,
Liam Applebee, Mel Foster