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Practical assistance in times of crisis……and beyond

Doorways is the entry point; come in and get some support from The Salvation Army.

Doorways is a safe place....
a place where you are respected,
a place where we listen,
a place where you can talk things through,
a place where people care
and a place of hope...

How can Doorways help?

If you need support Doorways exists for you.
Do you need help to get food?
Are you having trouble paying your electricity and water?
Can we help you develop a budget?
Talk it through at Doorways; see if we can help you.
Together we can work through the issues to come up with some suggested solutions.

Positive Action Planning

We can set up a plan and work with you to help get you closer to the point in life where you feel safe, involved, happy, productive, respected and valued.

Find your Doorway to a brighter future and unlock hope

Positive Lifestyle Program

A program for all people including those who, because of difficulties in their lives have lowered self-esteem, struggle with issues around anger, grief and loss.

The program has been specifically designed to enhance participants self awareness, and to enable them to gain a better understanding of their personal life strengths.

A safe journey in exploring and evaluating your own personal experiences and skills