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According to our last survey 56% of our members came to Gympie Salvos because they were invited by a friend or family member. That is over half of our church! There are so many people that we interact with everyday that could be invited into our Church family and begin a relationship with Jesus. It could be the other members of your household, neighbours, friends, family or others that we care and pray for.

Here are three easy ways you can invite them to come along to Gympie Salvos:

1. Invite on Social Media

Use one of these graphics to post on your personal social media page to invite you friends and followers to come along. You can also tag us @gympiesalvos on Facebook and Instagram so friends and family can see what our Church is about.


2. Send a Text Message

Here are some example text messages you could use:

"Hey, are you interested in checking out church? I go to Gympie Salvos and thought you might like to come along on Sunday. We start at 09:30am"

"Hey, are you going to Church anywhere at the moment? I have been really enjoying my Church and wondered if you wanted to come along on Sunday. It is Gympie Salvos and we start at 09:30"

3. Call or Speak in person

Start a conversation by asking some open ended questions, such as:

Do you attend a Church at the moment? Which one? Why not? 

Have you ever thought about coming along to Church? Why? Why Not?