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Our funeral services are a natural extension of the care we provide to all those goiing through the challenging poeriod of grief and loss. 

We would be honoured to serve you at this time, offering comfort and guidance with genuine care.

We are a community of people passionate about serving people well during this difficult time.  We are an experienced team of Arrangers, Celebrants and Support Personnel.

We recognise that each funeral is unique and that every family member has different wishes.  Being authentic means being personal, caring and accommodating to the every element of the funeral from religious requirements to flowers and celebrants.  We'll work with you to make every detail meaningful, personal and special.

Telephone contacts:

Southern Sydney (02) 9119 9010

South West Sydney (02) 8315 3454

Sydney Northern Beaches (02) 9119 9070

NSW Central Coast (02) 4300 3023

*All profits are returned to support the work of The Salvation Army.