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Camberwell Salvos: Together in Renewal

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We recognise there will be questions raised along the way, and we'd like to hear from you. You can submit questions relating to the renovation using the message form at the bottom of this page. Answers to all your FAQ's will be listed here and will be updated as the project evolves.

We have been in these facilities since 1981 and it has served us well, but 40 years on, the building is looking tired and it's not meeting current compliance standards. The renovation will enable us to engage and serve our community better, and provide a welcoming space for us to enjoy fellowship and worship.

The previous plan to rebuild had an estimated cost of $12M. Under this plan the church would then have to service an $8M debt. It was felt that this would be unsustainable for Camberwell Salvos - as monthly repayments would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. The financial burden would significantly impact upon the mission of this church.

The expected cost of the project renovation is $4.5M as at July 2021. Funds have been secured from the sale of the former quarters in Radnor Street and additional grants from Headquarters.

We've received notification that the anticipated start date for the property renovations has been pushed-back to February 2022. The next step in the process will see the project being submitted to EMC at their meeting in late August for approval.

Our architect - Gray Puksand - has provided a site plan of the new renovations (dated 19 April 2021).  To view the pdf click here.

This was obviously a huge decision and there was much to consider, but it came down to one thing; we wanted a place where we could all be together.

During the renovation, our temporary 'home away from home' will be Eva Burrows College - the national training centre for The Salvation Army.

Located at 100 Maidstone Street, Ringwood, the college offers a range of facilities including an auditorium where our 10am Sunday service will happen plus additional rooms which children's ministries and corps cadets can utilise.

Throughout our time togther at the college we'll be planning some Sunday afternoon social events that will take advantage of this lovely setting.

An introductory video to Eva Burrows College has been recorded for your interest. Click here to view it.

There is plenty of free car parking at Eva Burrows College. For those for whom transport is an issue, we will run a mini bus service on Sunday mornings before and after the meeting from 4 Athelstan Road. You will need to register for this transport option, and we will let you know further details nearer the time.

We anticipate being able to continue to live stream our 10am worship service from Eva Burrows College, at this stage. People can view this via our YouTube Channel.

The general office space will be located at 4 Athelstan Road, Camberwell - the house at the rear of our property. Some of you will be aware that there have been plans to demolish number 4 but if that goes ahead, it will be delayed until the end of the project to allow us to utilise this space during the renovation. So, the officer team - Kate and Darren - along with Yvette, Julie and Meg will work from there during the week.

Our Doorways team will continue to conduct emergency relief from 4 Athelstan Road, Camberwell on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with interviews by appointment only between 9:30am and 12:00noon.

We are in discussion with various churches and community halls around Camberwell. The most important requirement here is access to an adequate kitchen. We're still looking, and we'll let you know once we locate a suitable space.

There will be no change to the House Church ministry in Ashburton.

We are in discussion with Surrey Hills Corps regarding other weekly activities. We will advise as details are confirmed.