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Camberwell Salvos: Together in Renewal

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We recognise there will be questions raised along the way, and we'd like to hear from you.

You can submit questions relating to the renovation using the message form at the bottom of this page. Answers to all your FAQ's will be listed here and will be updated as the project evolves.

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We have been in these facilities since 1981 and it has served us well, but 40+ years on, the building is looking tired and it's not meeting current compliance standards. The renovation will enable us to engage and serve our community better, and provide a welcoming space for us to enjoy fellowship and worship.

The previous plan to rebuild had an estimated cost of $12M. Under this plan the church would then have to service an $8M debt. It was felt that this would be unsustainable for Camberwell Salvos - as monthly repayments would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. The financial burden would significantly impact upon the mission of this church.

The expected cost of the project renovation is $4.6M as at July 2021. Funds have been secured from the sale of the former quarters in Radnor Street and additional grants from Headquarters.

The tender period closed on June 3, 2022, with four companies submitting applications. 

Plan Group has been nominated as the recommended building contractor to oversee the work at Camberwell Salvation Army.  This endorsement will be presented at the Executive Management Council meeting on August 5, 2022, for approval by the Chief Secretary.

Property renovations are expected to commence on September 14, 2022.

Our architect - Gray Puksand - has provided a site plan and conceptual designs for the new renovations.  We are pleased with how the space will look next year; we're sure you will too.

Site Plan (dated 19 April 2021) - to view the pdf click here.

Renders (5.1MB) - to view the pdf click here.

This was obviously a huge decision and there was much to consider, but it came down to one thing; we wanted a place where we could all be together.

From 24 July 2022 our temporary 'home away from home' is Eva Burrows College - the national training centre for The Salvation Army. Located at 100 Maidstone Street, Ringwood, the college offers a range of facilities including an auditorium where our 10am Sunday service will happen plus additional rooms which children's ministries and corps cadets can utilise.

An introductory video to Eva Burrows College has been recorded for your interest - click here to view the video. Photos of the auditorium space and entrance points are available - click here to view photos. Map of the college is found below.

Throughout our time at the college we'll be planning some Sunday social events that will happen in this lovely setting.


When we are at Eva Burrows College there will be opportunity to take advantage of our location and join with friends from Ringwood Corps for combined worship.  Watch this space for details.

corps members who don't have accessible transport options to EBC and would benefit from using this service, please register your interest with Darren or Yvette by 10am every Friday - including church members based at TriCare Hayville Retirement Community - as we need to ensure sufficient seating is available on a given Sunday morning.

Please, don't let distance or lack of transport options prevent you from attending worship - jump onboard the corps mini bus and enjoy the ride to EBC.  The proposed itinerary is outlined below.

Inbound journey:
0910 // Depart Athelstan property to TriCare Hayville Retirement Community
0920 // Arrive at Hayville
0930 // Depart Hayville to EBC
0950 // Arrive at EBC

Outbound journey:
1130 // Depart EBC to TriCare Hayville Retirement Community
1150 // Arrive at Hayville
1200 // Depart Hayville to Athelstan Property
1210 // Arrive at Athelstan property

There is plenty of free car parking at Eva Burrows College.  Church representatives will be on hand at car park entrances and the 'Drop & Go' zone to welcome you to this lovely setting and to give direction to the auditorium.

The lower car park (main entrance at 100 Maidstone Street) has numerous bays available for those for whom mobility is not an issue.  Stairs and longer walking pathways meander the grounds up to the auditorium.

The upper car park (enter at 130 Maidstone Street) is better suited for the elderly in our congregation and those who require a shorter distance by pathway to the auditorium - approximately 100 metres.

For those unable to walk from either car park, we've been granted permission to utilise the turning circle outside the auditorium as a 'Drop & Go' zone.  Our corps mini bus will be operating in this capacity; other drivers are welcome to do so too, but will require an additional passenger to move their vehicle to one of the car parks after drop-off and to collect from the zone afterwards.  Church representatives will be overseeing traffic management in this area, please watch out for them and to follow their directions on the day.  The 'Drop & Go' driveway entrance is located between 100 & 130 Maidstone Street.

An alternative option to the mini bus service is for people who are travelling from similar areas to come together and car pool.  Please consider reaching out to each other and begin to make arrangements.


Photos of the auditorium space and entrance points are available - click here to view photos.

Internet issues have been resolved and we are pleased to advise live streaming will be available on Sunday mornings.  Should you be unable to join in-person, be sure to head to our YouTube channel to watch the 10am service.

The general office space will operate from a temporary portable which will be positioned towards the Athelstan Road end of the carpark entrance.  The officer team - Kate and Darren - along with Yvette, Julie, Meg and Steph will work from there during the week.

Our Doorways team - Norman, Robert and volunteers - along with Meredith (at reception) will conduct emergency relief and financial counselling from another temporary portable at the Athelstan Road end of the car park on Monday and Friday (excluding public holidays), with interviews by appointment only between 9:30am and 12:00noon.

To arrange an appointment with the Doorways team and for further directions to our temporary location, please call (03) 9518 2100 and select option 1.

Financial counselling services will operate by appointment only on Mondays (excluding public holidays), between 9am and 4pm.

Please call (03) 9518 2100 and select option 2 to arrange an appointment with Maria, our financial counsellor.

The community takeaway meals program will continue to operate from Camberwell Baptist Church located at 460 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East. This will occur on Fridays from 12noon to 1pm (except public holidays), and again on Sunday from 1pm to 2pm.

There will be no change to the House Church ministry in Ashburton.

We have been able to confirm arrangements for the following church activities:

  • Brass Band rehearsal - Eva Burrows College
  • Explorers & Corps Cadets - Eva Burrows College
  • Just Brass - Ashburton Primary School
  • VINE Youth - Surrey Hills Corps
  • Exercises Class (community services program) - Camberwell Baptist Church

Companion Club will not be meeting in-person during property renovations.

There are a number of reasons behind this decision (for July 17 especially); mainly it will assist in facilitating the transition and fit-out from Camberwell Corps to Eva Burrows College.

The first combined worship gathering will happen at 10am on Sunday, July 17, at Ringwood Corps (53 Wantirna Road, Ringwood, 3134).

We have reconsidered the monthly combined worship services with Ringwood Corps and, at a later stage, may look at joining with them on 2 occasions between July 2022 and January 2023.  Considering the proximity of Ringwood Corps to EBC this seems a plausible opportunity for us all to worship together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and to open opportunities for children and youth to collaborate, serve and share in ministry.

When we began the renovation process, we had provision in the budget for full landscaping around the building.  However, at this time, the Property Control Group (PCG) have chosen to place a hold on landscaping until major renovation works are completed.  It is hoped that - if all goes to plan - we would be able to access remaining funds to develop some lovely garden spaces at a later date for people to enjoy.

The wall-mounted cross will be removed in the renovations (and stored).  The cross beautifully represented in ‘The Radiant Window’ will be the prominent feature in the refurbished worship hall.  It was felt that only one cross should exist within the worship space upon return rather than two.

A description of the window by its creator, Lt Colonel Lucille Turfrey, is shared below.


I was asked by Ken Mellody to design this window at the time when the Camberwell Corps building was last refurbished.  The window, which brings radiant light into the Worship Centre, was designed to express “The Faith We Hold”.

The cross is central to the design; it holds a prominent place, being crucial in bringing emphasis to all that the design conveys symbolically to the viewer.

By its simple yet profoundly pertinent shapes, the design expresses the central belief that God reveals Himself as Trinity:

THE FATHER whose Hands reach down to us - lifting, holding, sustaining, blessing us.

THE SON whose sacrifice on that rugged cross provides redemption, renewal, and the Way to Life of eternal dimensions.

THE HOLY SPIRIT whose Life within us can be as gentle as a dove and as powerful as fire, cleansing, transforming, guiding, guarding, comforting, encouraging.

The Light that gives focus to the design is of greater significance than the sun’s rays that daily enhance the work.  The Light emanating from the cross carries the full colour spectrum and is integral to the design.  But its radiance also emphasises the words conveyed in the opening Scripture “holding” all the Truth expressed above it for the Bible is actually opened at John 1:1-14,

“...The True Light which enlightens everyone came into the world … The Light shines in the darkness … The darkness can never overcome The Light. 

Jesus said: “I AM The Light of the World – those who follow Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life.

Female, male and DDA toilet facilities are located to the right of the auditorium entrance.  It is important to note that only one cubicle is available within each restroom. Your patience is appreciated.