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  • Over 100,000 Australians will be homeless tonight
  • 42% of people experiencing homelessness are under 24 years old
  • Over 17,845 are children under 12 years old
  • There are over 9,700 homeless people in Brisbane on any given night (an alarming 1.97% of the population)

Homelessness can be caused by: poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor physical or mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, family and relationship breakdown, domestic violence and physical and/or sexual abuse. Any of these factors can lead a person to become homeless. They can also be one of the reasons why a person remains homeless.

Streetlevel is working to break the chain of Homelessness. Giving anyone a place to call home, even those no one else will.

Streetlevel provides a home where EVERYONE is Valued, Accepted and Loved!

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