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Currently no worship services are open, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions placed on public gatherings.

However each Sunday at 10am a worhip service is broadcast live from Facebook.


The Salvation Army Box Hill is a church made up of many people and multiple congregations.

Normally, we have a range of worship services every Sunday and each has it's own particular character and approach. Feel free to try out different services to see which one best enables you to connect with God.

9:30am Sunday

An informal and relaxed service with a contemporary feel. This one hour service runs at the same time as our Sunday Children's ministries and, whilst it appeals to all ages, it can be a good choice for parents of young families.

11am Sunday

This service has a more traditional "Salvo" style and features our Brass Band and Songsters (choir). Ideal for those who enjoy a more long-established approach to worship but retaining a clear connection with daily life today.

5pm Sunday

A service with an energetic and vibrant nature utilising contemporary approaches to music and worship. Particularly appropriate for youth and young adults but relevant to all ages.