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Therapeutic Day Rehab Program

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Building Bridges Therapeutic Day Rehab Program

Are you or a loved one needing support to address substance abuse? We understand the difficulties you face and want to come along-side you to help bring about victory in your life. Building Bridges is a consortium between SalvoCare Northern as lead agency and Mind Australia. The consortium is funded to provide the Therapeutic Day Rehabilitation program for people aged 16 yrs over who wish to address their substance use. Please call now and start your journey to recovery.

Phone 03 5440 8410 for support
Monday—Friday from 9 am
Bendigo Salvos 65 – 71 Mundy Street

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How to get started

Don't know what you need? Don't know where to start?  Feel free to call us for a chat. The program is free. Just Phone: (03) 5440 8410


Geographical area where service is provided:

The Greater City of Bendigo and Surrounds, if you can get to Bendigo. The Program can be run from alternate locations depending on demand.


The program also provides a daily Lunch and a Recreation component.


About Building Bridges Program

Building Bridges is a 10-week non-residential rehab program that provides a structured group program. Each participant will get an individually tailored treatment plan via case management that matches them to group modules that will assist them to address the impacts of substance use on their lives.

Family participation

We encourage that each participants family and significant others engage in the treatment journey with the participants. We offer family sessions that look at how loved ones can assist and support the participant to practice what they have gained from the program.

The group modules use a combination of evidence-based interventions that provide the foundation for recovery.

Pathway and Referrals to the program

Clients may be self-referred, referred by significant others, by other agencies or may be mandated to engage in treatment as part of community corrections order, parole or bail conditions, other diversion programs and or the Step Out Program.


Included in the program is an aftercare component that gradually reduces support while building the participants' recovery capital and connection to the community.

The Model of service delivery

The model of service delivery is underpinned by the Community Integration Model (CIM), an approach to practice which increases ‘recovery capital’ for individuals.  The model ensures individuals are supported to:

  • Develop appropriate life skills & resources – increasing an individual’s personal recovery capital
  • Develop the right support from their established or newly developed support mechanisms –increasing an individual’s social recovery capital
  • Develop the necessary support services to ensure a recovery-oriented treatment journey –increasing an individual’s community recovery capital

This combination of approaches brings together connectedness, integration and meaningfulness for the individual, which will assist to meet the goals of their treatment journey. Read More

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