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Family Support Service

Emergency Relief

Monday to Friday by Appointment

We exist to show the love of God through the administration of Emergency Relief. The approach embraces the whole person, encompassing the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person's life. The aim is to empower people to become independent of institutional welfare support.

The Family Support Services is very much a ministry of the Church.  Staff and volunteers not only provide material aid, they minister to the people as needed.  Some of the families that come for support have no other family or friends they can call upon.  People are not judged or discriminated against.  Everyone that comes feels that they are important for being just whom they are.

A high percentage of clients are Aboriginal (55%).   Personal relationships have been developed and the Family Support Services provides an ongoing support during the week.

Contact Details

88 Hartley Street
PO Box 2187
Alice Springs  NT  0871

Phone: (08) 8951 0205
Fax:  (08) 8952 4102