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We would like to welcome you to come along the journey with us; A place where you can connect with a family of people and have a sense of belonging. We are a people of faith committed to honour God by bringing lives into harmony with Him and one another through social action, fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. We achieve this through meeting together each week (Sunday, 10:00am), remaining in contact with each other through the week (in small groups), private prayer and study, and community involvement.


We meet regularly as a faith community and families to encourage one another, to learn, and to worship together. There are also many activities available during the week, where you can join in with friends, have a cuppa or snack or paint together. Find out more

We are a church that reflects the Alice Springs community with people from many different cultures and languages and a broad cross section of ages.

Attenders are strongly committed to the vision of the Church and a major emphasis on community care and social justice issues.

What is a church service like?

When you come to the Sunday morning celebration you will hear great music, including indigenous language songs, see interesting media, hear a short message, your children will be invited to join in fun activities with other children, and you will meet friendly people over refreshments. There is no requirement to wear anything different than when you visit a friend's house. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions or perhaps be prayed for, if you desire. You will not be singled out but you will be warmly welcomed.


Mission Statement

The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus.

We share the love of Jesus by:

Caring for People:
  • Being there when people need us most
  • We offer care and compassion as a sacred encounter with transformative potential
Creating faith pathways:
  • Taking a holistic approach to the human condition that values spirituality
  • We graciously share the Good News of Jesus and grow in faith together
Building healthy communities:
  • Investing ourselves in relationships that promote mutual flourishing 
  • We find the wholeness God intends for us in community
Working for justice:
  • Tackling the social systems that harm creation and strip away human dignity
  • We join God’s work to build a fairer world where all can thrive