10yr Anniversary

The Salvation Army URL has changed to salvationarmy.org.au

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Over 12,000 cans of food donated

Please drop cans at: 209 Watton Street, Mon-Thurs 10am-1pm

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Les' story so far...

Many years ago, Les was struck by a car while crossing the street. The accident partially paralysed one side of his body. During rehabilitation, Les was impressed by the regular visits of Salvation Army officers and their positive effect on patients’ morale. He vowed to repay their kindness, and when Les was sufficiently recovered he began the ‘Wyndham 1000’ fundraiser: an annual 1,000km ride on a custom tricycle around his hometown in Victoria, with special thanks to The Rotary Club who have donated three tri-cycles for Les to ride! Over the past nine years and with the help of the community, Les has raised over $135,000, seen over 12,000 tin goods donated, and over 10,000kms ridden. This is Les' 10th Year ride and we want to celebrate big by raising more donations for our community.