Norwest Region

Whether you are looking for connection, or some support or to find community,  you’ve come to the right place. No matter where you find us, we think you’ll find friendly people who are excited to get to know you!

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The Salvation Army Norwest Region shares the vision of The Salvation Army Australia. 

'Wherever there is hardship or injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus'

We The Salvation Army Norwest Region, with ongoing obedience to God’s direction and total dependence on the Holy Spirit, value being a community seeking to ENCOUNTER God, ENCOURAGE our People and ENGAGE our community so that we lead others to ENCOUNTER God, ENCOURAGE more People and ENGAGE their community…

As a a faith community, we are committed to:


Jesus Christ personally as our Lord and Saviour and develop relationship with Him.

the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and His fullness.

the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Building and developing personal and corporate relationship with Jesus

Deepening of our understanding of His Kingdom Agenda

Actively and intentionally supporting each other to share our experience of Jesus

Discipling of our people 

Training to engage our network / sphere of influence in order to “make more disciples”.


With our community creatively and consistently

Practically expressing the love of Christ to all without discrimination

Building strong and tangible connection with both our local and global community

To achieve, flexible and relevant approaches to our ‘ministry’

Together as a region

We recently shared why we are working as a region and one key point raised was "There are advantages to having a more locally based faith community and there are advantages to being part of a larger, regional faith community. We want to explore and develop both of those advantages to help the whole region grow."

See our latest video update via link below:

Together as region - WHY