Home Church Groups

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A Home Church Group is a small group of 5 - 12 people who come together on a regular basis with the intention of experiencing life transformations, disciple making and pastoral care. Home Church Groups operate on Sunday afternoon and weekday evenings

Our Home Church Groups exist to:

  • build caring relationships
  • apply Biblical truth to life experience
  • encourage spiritual transformation
  • welcome and accept new attendees
  • develop potential leaders and
  • birth new groups

There are important features that make our Home Church Groups distinctive, and help us to achieve the stated purposes.

These characteristics include:

  • studying Bible topics from the current Sunday worship series
  • discovering through group discussion how to grow spiritually
  • enjoying fun activities together
  • sharing times of prayer for one another
  • making new friends
  • finding encouragement through times of open sharing
  • caring for other group members in practical and supportive ways.

Contact us for more information or to find out how to join a group near you.