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Children's Activities

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We understand that as parents you desire to see your children become connected with other children their age and to feel valued. As a church community, we appreciate this and have created a diverse range of programs for children starting from birth to young adults, where your children can participate in valuable activities. Each of our programs has a dedicated team of leaders who have a passion for children’s ministries. Please view the selection of programs below.

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mainly music

A program for pre-school children and parent or caregiver, designed to provide an environment where they can develop skills to enhance their education through music, rhythm, rhyme, movement and listening. Weekly sessions, during the school year, are full of fun, educational music and musical activity to grow and develop your child, followed by something to eat and something to play with, plus time for you to eat and chat with other parents!

Tuesday 9:45am –11am
during school terms

mainly music

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Activities on Sunday

young children listen doing hands-on activities

Tiny Tots 2–5 years

Your children are an important part of our community, and we want them to feel connected with other children and able to grow in the knowledge of God with age-appropriate activities. The 2– 5-year-olds learn about God in a caring way with songs, games and other activities, while you worship in the main service. 

Sunday 10:15 am

My Junior Soldier Promise

Junior Soldiers

Junior soldiers is a discipleship class for young people aged 7–18 where they learn about Christian living and the work and mission of The Salvation Army. Junior Soldiers have decided to be a follower of Jesus and who want to grow and express their faith through ministry within the Salvation Army. Junior Soldiers are therefore junior members of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army takes seriously the capacity of children to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Local leaders nurture young people on their spiritual journey to equip them with skills and values for their everyday living. Soldiers are challenged to think about the way that they engage with their community and also have the opportunity to participate in special projects that will make a difference in their local or global community.

Phone 08 9260 9591

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Zone 5–16 years

Children from 5–16 years are invited to participate in a service held at the same time as the main worship service, where they can make strong friendships with other children their age while they learn about God in a fun and exciting way with songs, games and other activities.

Sunday 10:15am


Learner Band

Learner band is a group that meets each week to teach children how to play a brass instrument. Music is an essential part of a child's development and has been proven to help with academic subjects at school and develop the brain. Learner band is a tremendous opportunity for your child to receive professional training in an instrument. Children are given the opportunity to perform in public and special events, including Sunday morning worship.

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Learner Timbrels

Through the tutelage of senior timbrelists, children learn how to play the Timbrel, a hand percussion similar to the tambourine. This is a fun activity of music and rhythm. Children are given the opportunity to perform in public and special events.

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