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The intention of Discussion Papers is to present issues in a way that stimulates thought and discussion. Many of these issues have advocates within the Christian community as well as in society as a whole who hold divergent points of view. Instead of starting from a right or wrong, black or white point of view, it is helpful to openly explore the issues from various perspectives while seeking to discern the heart of God.

At an individual, congregational and organisational level, Salvationists are called to seek and know the nature and will of God. We believe that as we study the Bible and seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, God reveals his plan and purpose for us in our time and place in history. Whatever our personal situation and circumstances, God’s grace and love are able to hold us to him and he will make himself known to us if we seek him with an open and honest heart.

As we venture forward in our complicated world, we would serve God well if we heed his command to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul . . . and love your neighbour as yourself” (Luke 10:27). The Salvation Army is a people of welcome, who treat sinners and seekers – which includes ourselves – with courtesy and respect as we journey together to seek and know God.


The intention of discussion papers for Salvationists is to present issues of importance in a way that stimulates thought and discussion. Many of the issues addressed are controversial and give rise to opposing points of view. Although people often think of issues as right or wrong, black or white, it is helpful to consider these issues from different perspectives. These papers are not definitive in themselves, but designed to help facilitate prayerful exploration by Salvationists and friends.

Discussion Papers are approved by the leadership of The Salvation Army Australia.

Alongside Discussion Papers are various other resources you may find useful as you explore these complicated moral and social issue. Some are produced by other Salvation Army bodies, while others are produced from different Christian sources that include excellent and helpful teaching, and align with the theology of The Salvation Army.

MASIC is also happy to be contacted regarding any moral and social issue you are working through to provide additional material. Please email us at MASIC@salvationarmy.org.au