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Did you know that The Salvation Army is a church? Yeah I know…who’d have thought…we do what we do because we love God. And that love for God shows in our love for his creation…and that includes you. Everyone has a place at The Salvation Army Marion. Why not pop in for a chat and find out all about us. We strongly believe that God has an incredible life designed just for you. Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you. Would you allow that someone to be us?

I could tell you about all the ‘stuff’ that happens here…the Kids and Youth stuff, the Thrift Shop, our Community for Seniors, our Prayer Spaces, our Community Support Services, Celebrate Recovery…but they aren’t the most important thing that you need to know. The most important thing you need to know is that YOU are a person of immense value! Come and experience God’s love and our love as soon as you can…it might just be the best decision you will make.

Our Thrift Shop is open. Please come and browse & shop til your heart’s content. Please understand we are following the safe-distance guidelines and will remain contactless as best we can. Our awesome volunteers have adapted so well and ensure cleaning occurs on a regular basis. Please consider making donations of goods, those things too good to throw out, to our store in opening hours.

In order to keep these events as safe as we can, please be mindful of current COVID safe practices.
By now you will be used to these:
Handsantizer on entry & exit
Provide personal details for contact tracing (if required)
no hugs, handshakes, high fives (plenty of smiles though)
Keep social distancing of 1.5m between you (unless living under the same roof)
Please refrain from congregating in groups before and after event.
Doors will open 20mins prior to event (unless you are part of a team.)
If you are feeling unwell please remain at home.

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