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Sunday Worship

A warm welcome greets everyone who walks through our doors - and especially on Sunday mornings when we gather to worship God. Vibrant worship, featuring joyful singing accompanied by our rousing brass band or keyboard, is focussed on the Bible. Meeting themes cover a range of topics for spiritual growth and relevant to daily life. Various Corps activities are also featured during the year including SAGALA Church Parades, women's groups, children and teenagers.

When:  Sundays @ 10.30am—12.00pm




Bible Study

Three Bible study groups operate within the corps. These small groups meet weekly to explore the Bible through relaxed, open discussion.  


Tuesdays at 7.30pm (2 groups)                                               Wednesdays at 10.00am




The Salvation Army's beliefs

To read a statement of The Salvation Army's 11 Articles of Faith and learn about some of what makes The Salvation Army distinctive from other churches: