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Transforming young lives through music

What is Just Brass

  •   A music program to develop young leaders
  •   Just Brass provides free brass music lessons to children from disadvantaged schools
  •    Just Brass is run by The Salvation Army in partnership with schools and communities

Be a part of changing a child's life

  •    The program builds children's confidence, self esteem and abilities to thrive in school
  •    Academic performances improve with the benefit of music
  •    You can help a child, who has few opportunities, to feel important, improve in their studies and become a leader

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Weekly music lessons for lasting success

Many disadvantaged children do not have the opportunity to learn music in school even though it has been established that music education has the potential to improve a child's academic performance and general well-being in school.

Just Brass has identified this need and has developed a program which aims to transform young lives through music.

The program is persistent in its support and builds partnerships across the community to ensure all involved achieve, at school and beyond.

Students receive free weekly individual and or group music tuition in their schools. The students are bused after school to The Salvation Army venue in their area, where they have ensemble rehearsals on a weekly basis.

Just Brass music lesson

"Teaching the performing arts in Primary Schools significantly boosts the results disadvantaged students achieve in academic subjects."
Australian Council for Educational Research

Offering children a pathway to achievement

As well as enjoying music the students gain confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, a sense of achievement and experience educational benefits as well. Some of the educational outcomes include;

  • improvement in reading,
  • more focus,
  • happier and more contented
  • a general increase in academic results.

The dedication given to the children over the long-term increases the children’s sense of self-worth. The program can offer disadvantaged students, with no other means of learning music, a new pathway to achievement.

children are bused to the Salvation Army venue

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What is Just Brass?

The Just Brass Formula

Through the support of donors we can help local communities by:

percussion Hamer Hall

  • Investing in young lives
  • Giving children free music lessons
  • Caring for students
  • Showing the children that they have great value
  • Giving them purpose


Just Brass provides:

celebrating just brass certificates

  • Connection between schools and the community
  • A proven framework
  • A mechanism for funding
  • Music teachers
  • Volunteers

The results speak for themselves:

tuba player

  • 17 locations across Australia, 2 in New Zealand, 1 in United Kingdom
  • Operating since 2010
  • Principals remark on improvements in school outcomes
  • Parents see benefits and growth in their children
  • Naplan Results reflect improvement
  • Students are happier and more connected to school

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