Building Bridges

Alcohol and other drug day recovery program

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Is your alcohol or other drug use causing problems for you or those you love?

Do you have caring responsibilities which mean you can't access residential recovery programs?

We understand the difficulties you face and want to come along-side you to help you build your skills and resources to live the life you want.

All sessions operate in school hours to allow parents and care givers to take part. The program is free and provides a daily lunch and a recreation component.

How to get started

Don't know what you need?
Don't know where to start?

Feel free to call us for a chat.

Phone (03) 9794 3500 
and ask to speak to Mike or Terri.

About Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a 10 week Therapeutic Day Recovery Program that provides a structured group program for anyone wishing to address their substance use. 

Group sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during school hours. In addition, you will meet with one of our experienced team on Tuesdays or Thursdays for time just for you.

Each participant develops an individual tailored treatment plan via case management that matches them to the group modules that will assist them to address the impacts of substance use on their lives. The group modules use a combination of evidence based interventions that provide the foundation for recovery.

Family participation

We encourage that each participant’s family, carers and significant others engage in the recovery journey with them. We offer support to loved ones to assist and support the participant to practice what they have gained from the program.

Pathway and Referrals to the program

Participants may be self-referred, referred by significant others, by other agencies or may be mandated to engage in treatment as part of community corrections order, parole or bail conditions, or other diversion programs.


Included in the program is an optional after care component delivered through the COACH mentoring program, offering the support of a volunteer mentor while building participants' recovery capital and connection to the community.