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Campsie Salvation Army Band continues to play an important role in both the church and local community. With a current membership of around 20 players, the band provides music each Sunday during our church services, as well as during community outreach on a Sunday morning at the local Campsie Markets or Canterbury Hospital.

During the year the band is involved in various activities, including visits to other churches around Sydney and other parts of Australia, providing music during the march and rememberance services for Campsie RSL Sub-branch, and participating in the ANZAC march in Sydney's CBD. December is always a very busy time for the band as we participate in Christmas Carol nights held at schools and churches in the local community.

Music is a very powerful tool and as we move forward, it is the desire of the band to continue to be a powerful witness for Christ in our community. We're finding new ways to do this by introducing new instruments into what once was seen as a brass only band. Members from other churches have joined us and are enhancing our work in the community.

Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings between 7:30pm - 8:30pm at the Campsie Salvation Army Church. Contact us for more information.

View below the TV coverage of the Campsie Band partcipating in the 2009 Sydney ANZAC March.