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The Salvation Army URL has changed to salvationarmy.org.au

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Why should I volunteer?

There are many benefits to volunteering! You will meet new friends, you can improve and learn new skills for future employmet, you will defintily have a few laughs with a great bunch of people, and most important of all, you will be doing something very worthwhile for your local community. It is impossible to put a price on the value of the work that you do for us.

What can i do?

We believe that every person has has skills and abilities that would benifit the community.  From data entry to helping in our thrift stores, cleaning to driving to pick up donations, we all can do something to bring hope to our commnunity.

Do i need to apply?

Yes you will need to apply and find out what current positions are available.  please call our main office on 97915200 ext 2 for more information 

Volunteering with us