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About Us

Our Leaders

Our Corps Officers, Majors Peter and Karina Wood arrived in Warrnambool in January 2015.

Our Members

The officers of The Salvation Army form only a minority of the organisation's human resources.  They are well supported by effective and highly committed unpaid local officers.

Local officers are uniformed men and women who, while following their normal employment, undertake specific responsibilities in the local Corps / Church.  Together with the Corps Officers, these people form the leadership team of the Warrnambool Corps, each having specific areas of responsibility.

Besides officers and local officers, there are many soldiers who are also involved in the process of 'delivering the mission'.

Why the Uniform?

In 1878, Elijah Cadman, a short but lively Salvationist, became rather excited in a meeting and said: 

God bless all the Captains of The Salvation Army!  
I would like to wear a suit of clothes to let everybody know I meant war to the teeth and salvation for the world.

Soon afterwards, uniforms appeared in all sorts of forms.  In 1880,  these varied uniforms were made uniform by regulation.

Over the years styles have changed, but the uniform is still important to us and stands for war, witness and welcome:

  • War ... against sin;
  • Witness ... to God's love and forgiveness;  and
  • Welcome ... to all who need help.