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Last Sunday night we heard Colin speak to us about the parable of The Two Brothers. A Father asked both of his sons to go out and work in his vineyard. The eldest son said “no” but later went out and worked in the field. The younger brother originally said “yes” but never went out to work. Jesus was taking a shot at the hypocrital Pharisees (who were the religious leaders at the time) comparing them to the younger brother in the parable. Jesus didn’t have a preference for the poor as such but fought for the equality of all people in an unfair and broken world; And in our lives, we will come across people in our communities who are outcasts, but Jesus tells us to love them not judge them. Some people in our community resemble the eldest brother in the parable who at first are honest, hesitant and withdrawn but yet they are longing for something more in this world; and that is to be co-workers in the vineyard with God and to know His love. We have said “yes” to work in the vineyard, and have experienced God’s love. It is now our time, our chance and our opportunity to take that love out into the vineyard. Join us this Sunday to hear the message "Greater Things".

God bless you,

Sean Mapleback

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We are located at 750 Nepean Hwy, Mount Martha.


This week:

Sunday 5:00pm

Join us in song, prayer, and exploring God's Word, as we are challenged and equipped to live in faith this year.

  • Kids church starts around 5:30pm
  • A baby/toddler room with live sound and vision of the service is available for parents.

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