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Self Denial

11 February 2014

Self Denial Altar Service  Sunday 20th March 2016 ABOUT THE APPEAL The theme for this year’s appeal is ‘One Family, One Hope’. The aim of this appeal is to give as much as we can to the work of The salvation Army in developing countries. If you would like more information please contact the church office on (02) 4283 7331 or visit www.selfdenial.info   TO CONTRIBUTE ... Read more

Heart for God - Day 17

6 March 2012

DAY 17 // We are not saved by Doctrine [Page 43] “if you are trying to help a person know God... Read more

Heart for God - Day 14

3 March 2012

DAY 14 // From Little things Big Things Grow [page 134] It seems that we often think that God will a... Read more

Our Doctrines

29 February 2012

The Salvation Army has 11 faith-based statements called Doctrines that summarise its religious belie... Read more