Prayer Roster

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On this page you can find a spreadsheet where you can sign up to pray. Each area is being asked to cover a five-day block of prayer, and has it's own tab and where you can find all the prayer time shifts. To find each area's tab scroll down to the bottom of the document. 

Once you have found your area find a free time slot and pop your name down. The document saves automatically so you don't have to worry about that.

If all the shifts are full on one day but you still want to pray feel free to pop your name in the second column. We will gladly welcome two people praying at the same time! (Although we encourage you to fill any empty spaces first)

We pray that God would bless you for the time you are setting aside to talk and spend time with him!

***   PLEASE NOTE: Some people are having trouble signing up to the prayer roster from their mobile device.  Please use a computer or laptop to sign up.  Thank you!!!  ***

Don't feel comfortable putting your name down?

No problem. If you want to stay anonymous we completely respect that, feel free to write "Anonymous" in the time that you are praying. This way we know that someone is praying at this time but you can remain as private as you'd like.

Know someone who would like to join in but can't access the internet to sign up?

Why not ask them what time they would like to pray and if they would like you to put their name down for them? There are printable resources for those without the internet as well as translated resources available. You can find these in the 'More Resources' Tab of this website. You could print them a copy while you are at it!

Area Plan

Check out this table below to find out when your area is praying!


Hours Spent Praying So Far...

1176 hours!!!