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Just Game

Just Game is a program developed to help create Board/Video Gaming Social groups throughout Australia with help of The Salvation Army. Our aim is to connect people of all walks of life to gaming and each other and to provide safe avenues for all.

Come and join us for board games and video games such as Mario Kart, Fluxx, Halo, Monopoly, Rocket League, Catan and many more! You can even bring your own games to teach others how to play!

Food and drinks will be available and dinner is provided.

We start at 2pm and finish at 10pm.

If you have any questions contact Tristan on 0401691160.

Dates for 2021

  • 27th February
  • 27th March
  • 24th April
  • 29th May
  • 26th June
  • 31st July
  • 28th August - Archery Attack event
  • 25th September
  • 30th October
  • 27th November

* Note: dates are subject to change.