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Church and Community Centre

Manningham Salvation Army & Community Centre

‘The church without walls’...  

This Salvation Army centre services the needs of the very large City of Manningham. We apply a ‘community development’ approach which aims to provide a safe place, genuine friendship and true acceptance of the people who come to us from every walk of life. This approach empowers this community to solve its problems. In a real sense, the community is this centre, and the centre is this community.

We never hide the fact that we are a Christian community, where everything we do springs from our faith in Jesus. However, we never ‘beat people over the head’ with this. The one requirement of anyone coming to this centre is that they participate and work happily with and for others. We have people enjoying, working in and enjoying this centre from many faiths, no faith, various racial backgrounds, socio-economic circumstances and ages. Hence the phrase which sums up this place – ‘the church without walls’.

Enter here, and you are a Salvo. You are this centre.

We commenced the replanting process here in 2010/11, with a major ‘community renovation’ of the centre. We are greatly blessed by the many people who worked on this renovation, and who continue – around twenty of them in any one week - to help us develop and operate the various programs we offer to the community.

This centre services the needs of the very large City of Manningham, including Bulleen, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale, Park Orchards, Templestowe, Templestowe Lower, Warrandyte, Warrandyte South and Wonga Park. We are located in Doncaster East.

We are small in number, but fully committed. Come and join us.