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New Mission Support Approach

The new mission support to support the restructured AUE territory commenced on 8th August 2016. The key elements of this change include: 

  1. All face-to-face mission support will be led by the divisions
  2. Centralised resource creation at THQ
  3. Centralised Men’s and Women’s Ministry and Evangelism Support at THQ 
  4. Safe Salvos / Caring for Kids roles will move to the Chief Secretary in Charge’s office

A ‘Go-To Guide’ has been prepared to help you find the right person in the restructured team. The guide not only outlines MST areas of responsibility but also identifies the ‘go to’ people for support, events and resources.

Download the reference guide

 As part of the broader HQ restructure, the changes to the Mission Support Team are designed to improve support to corps and other frontline services by relocating face-to-face services to the divisions and by centralising resource creation at THQ.

It is expected that these changes will substantially enhance the delivery of mission support from headquarters to the frontline by providing greater responsiveness by the divisions to identified frontline needs.


See below for further background information to the Mission Support Team launch