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The Journey So Far


In July 2014, a small group of strategic thinkers from across the Australia Eastern Territory gathered under the leadership of Territorial Commander Commissioner James Condon. Their responsibility was to conduct an honest assessment of what was required to see maximum effectiveness in fulfilling our mission moving forward. Of particular importance to the group was building upon the visionary and strategic initiatives that have played significant roles in our territory’s recent history.

This assessment became the basis for the Forward Together plan.


AUE Significant Strategic Initiatives 2000-2015




2000 – Mobilise 2000 AUE territory plan under the leadership of Commissioner John Gowans (key elements 8 values and 7 point plan) - Became Mobilise for mission under Commisioner Hilmon Buckingham in 2002

2006 – Series of focused research and workgroups on a variety of organisational themes including Values work by Commissioner Les Strong – Compassion Integrity Transformation

2008 – AUE 2020 Summit which became the 7 Mission Priorities under the leadership of Commissioner Linda Bond

2011 – International  - One Army, One Mission, One Message under the leadership of General Linda Bond

2013 – Freedom Language Introduced under the leadership of Commissioner James Condon

Freedom manifesto, We’re about people finding freedom, We’re about Freedom through faith, community & action

2015 – Forward Together Plan - building on the One Army, One Mission, One Message international vision, and incorporating the freedom manifesto, the Forward Together Plan was launched under the leadership of Commissioner James Condon