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4pm contemporary service launched

Our first 4pm service has now been launched, and we were really pleased with the 60 people who attended.

It is our hope, and also our expectation, that this service will grow and be as large as our Sunday morning service. These are very busy days at Ringwood, and  much is going on.

Right now we are gearing up for our contribution as a church to the self denial appeal, and are making plans to give one weeks salary of the weekly church income, to this years appeal, to boost our contribution as a church to overseas mission.

We are also in full swing now, preparing for this years red shield appeal.

Easter approaches, and once again we will pause and reflect and remember the sacrifice made for us, so that all may be saved.

So yes its busy.

With the addition of the Chinese worshipping congregation, we now have 4 worship services occurring each week, so there are a variety of opportunities for worship at Ringwood. 

The most important thing though, in amongst it all, is to keep Jesus central to it all. He is the reason why we exist, it's all about him, it always has been. And always will be.

Our biggest call these days however, is for our people to gather together in prayer. We have set one goal for this year 2014, and that is to see 20% of our membership in corporate gatherings of prayer each and every week. That means that around 80 people will gather in prayer meetings, triplets, quads, small groups etc to pray for our church. Every single week. Asking God to unleash his power amongst and within us. To shake the tree so to speak, and let the bad stuff fall away, and the good remain and become more fruitful.

If you are not yet praying in a group or meeting, please join us, or for a prayer group ASAP and together, there is one at 6 am every Monday morning at the church, and as we pray we will see the impossible become a reality amongst us.  Nothing is too hard for The Lord God.

May He bless you hugely today. Wherever you are, and whoever you are. 

Major Gary Grant ( corps officer)