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Bridge Residential Rehabilitation Program

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

Bendigo Bridge program - The ‘Intensive Community Rehabilitation Program’ is a 24/7 six week rehabilitation. It is funded by the Victorian state Government for men and women aged from 18 to 30 years.

Phone 03 5440 8410 for support
Monday—Friday from 9am
Bendigo Salvo’s 65 – 71 Mundy Street

Therapeutic Day Rehabilitation Program:


Youth Allowance: $110.00 per week
New Start Allowance: $140.00 per week
Disability Pension: $170.00 per week

Plus a $70 one off incidental fee

Where to start:

Don't know what you need? Don't know where to start?  Feel free to call us for a chat.
Our intake staff will assist you and will work with you to access interim support.
Phone: (03) 5440 8410

Geographical area where service is provided:



A cluster of fully self-contained, 2 bedroom units located in the community. Each participant has their own bedroom and shares bathroom and kitchen.

Program Details

This Intensive Community Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist individuals wanting to make positive lifestyle changes with regards to their drug and/or alcohol use.

Although a harm minimization approach is the informing philosophy - participants are required to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol whilst in the program.  The model of service delivery is underpinned by the Community Integration Model (CIM), an approach to practice which increases ‘recovery capital’ for individuals and the program works with participants from a holistic perspective to facilitate change.

The program has a dedicated team of multi-disciplined professionals who provide professional and caring support. 

Support includes:

  • Case Management:

    • Individual Treatment Plan designed to meet each participant’s needs.
  • Counselling:

    • Recovery-oriented counseling practice underpinned by strengths based approach to building resilience for clients and their families
  • An Intensive group program that includes:

    • Cognitive–behavioural/problem-solving groups
    • Psycho Education Group Work
    • Interpersonal Process groups
    • Skills development
  • Medication Awareness Component:

    • A structured program supported by a Nurse Practitioner that looks at the role of medication in daily life, creating connection to the why, when, the benefits, side effects and parallel management techniques that can be utilised whilst using or instead of some medications.


Contact Us Phone: (03) 5440 8410

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